Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Running Ubuntu/Linux on Asus Eee PC T101MT

Ok, this post is like a prologue since I plan to buy this but haven't bought it yet. So this blog post is my research notes on Linux support for the Eee PC T101MT's support with linux.

As has been my recent inclination, I go for Ubuntu. So this is the netbook version download link for the distro

The above page links to this page
for creating the usb disk. I will probably first try running off the USB before installing.

And here's a sourceforge page for a USB boot disk creator tool for many platforms including windows.

Here's a list of multitouch drivers available presently with linux.
Scroll down to EEFTI/eGlax, and there's the support for Eee PC T101MT mentioned on there.

Here's a couple of forum posts discussing the nuances of intalling ubuntu on the T101MT. Some of the info may be dated though.


2010 11 12
Subsequently, I found this page which gives all the details..