Tuesday, July 28, 2009

playing encrypted video dvd on linux

I had rented some movies from the College Library at the UW-Madison, and tried playing them on my dell vostro 1310 running ubuntu 9.04. However, none of them would play :(

I was using gmplayer (www.mplayerhq.hu), and so I always thought it was a problem with my disk drive, like it was not reading the disk properly or something. I couldn't imagine mplayer not having the required codecs, and besides the error I got was something like "seek failed".

I tried with other linux media players too, but ditto ! So I gave up.. But then, lately somehow this sudden enlightenment flashed in my mind (don't exactly remember the nature of the apple that struck my head), and I realized that the disc could probably be encrypted for copyright protection.

I searched "play encrypted video dvd on linux" and bingo, this is the link I got..

Basically what it says I should do is, as superuser/root:
$ cd usr/share/doc/libdvdread[N]
where [N] is an integer; for me it was 4. And then run the script "install-css.sh"
$ ./install-css.sh
$ sh install-css.sh
Make sure you are plugged into the internet ;) and the system will fetch and install the necessary packages.. Once that is done, all those dvds which wouldn't play till now would miraculously start playing !! Yeah !


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