Thursday, July 30, 2009

DivX encoding under Linux

Well, I am jealous of all those windows folks who have amazingly good GUI apps for video format conversions / transcoding. I've always wanted some good idea of how to do this under linux. How could you rip DVDs and convert them to DivX files so that you can save a copy even if the flaky and trashy optical medium dies out after a while?

Stumbled across this link while searching online.. Looks good, though a bit dated.

Title: DVD ripping and transcoding with Linux


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Varghese Mathew said...

Don't know if I mentioned anywhere else about it, but the tool handbrake ( ) is another free software that in many cases does much better than dvdrip. The flip side with it is, you have to either rip straight off the disk or use the '-m' option with vobcopy to mirror the entire disk onto the hard drive.