Thursday, October 16, 2008

Damn Small Linux

This one's more of a rambling.
For use with condor, I have to setup a small virtual machine with linux on it..
So I'm choosing DSL and my experiences are being blogged down here.

The first issue I faced was installing DSL to disk.
To do this
1. right click on the desktop
2. choose Apps > Tools > Install to hard drive.
Note: install to hard drive may fail if your VM doesn't have plenty of memory. So start up the VM with say 320 MB or more of memory, do the hard disk install and then cut back on memory to say 64MB.

The next issue was setting up the VM so that ssh access is enabled at startup
To do this
update-rc.d ssh defaults 20
The third issue was how to install more packages in dsl
This can be done using the MyDSL extensions to DSL