Monday, March 31, 2008

xournal - just what I wanted !!

I have had two independent requirements for wish I have long wished I had some applications.

One was for note taking.. I was trying to use notepad for note taking.. But then, unlike on a notebook, there was no quick way for drawing rough figures alongside my notes.. Paint wouldn't fit the bill either because, I can not go on taking notes endlessly.. And now that I'm moving on to linux (with bias for KDE) kate and krita are the analogues, and they wouldn't fit the bill either.

The second was regarding PDF files.. I was finding a major difficulty in getting accustomed to PDF files rather than printed matter because I could mark, highlight, underline etc; annotate in general, on printed matter, but not on pdf files.

One fine day, I was browsing through the kmenu on my opensuse virtual box, and bingo ! I came upon xournal. The claims were big, but the default version bundled with OpenSUSE 10.3 didn't work.

Somehow, I'm grateful that my lazybones didn't kick in, but instead I searched an located the sourceforge site for the xournal project:

From there, I got the latest version source+binary package, and installed that.. And yes! all my problems are solved. The software allows me to take notes, and draw on the same canvas; take notes on multiple A4 pages, bundled as a book; open a pdf and annotate the same; and export my notes/my annotated pdf back to pdf !

In sum, xournal is simply what I've been looking for !!!

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Monday 2008-03-31 12:14 UTC+5:30

On a further note; how to handle pdf encrypted files..
[Attribution] This I took from a post on the sourceforge xournal forum.
The pdftops command can be used to decrypt and convert a pdf to a ps file.
pdftops -upw {password} file.pdf
Thereafter, the ps2pdf command can be used to convert the ps back to an unencrypted pdf.
ps2pdf file.pdf 
Note that, xournal doesn't come into the picture here at all.


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Ajay Gopalakrishnan said...

Xournal is cool!
Somewhat like Zoho .. but yes the Pdf annotation part is great if you dont have adobe professional.