Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Next Laptop.. Sager NP2092 ?

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Had been thinking sometime about which laptop to buy when I go for higher studies. Had a fixation for the IBM Thinkpad. Was planning to buy it.. And the Lenovo T61 can be bought direct from Lenovo with Linux preloaded rather than the Microsoft Proprietory OS. Yet only flaw was, that does not have an integrated webcam.

Further hunting has led me to this laptop, Sager NP 2092

Sager, as wikipedia mentions it, is a retailer specializing in performance laptops for gaming purposes. And of-course, a performance laptop for gaming is a performance laptop for any conceivable purpose :D

The ODM of the specified laptop is Compal which is the world's second largest laptop maker. This particular Sager laptop is built on top of the Compal JFL 92..


Found this blog on installing linux on the immediate predecessor model of this laptop

Planning to buy the laptop from powernotebooks.. They seem to have a good reputation online.. And most importantly, they sell the "NO-OS" version of the laptop, so I won't need to pay microsoft for a license which I will not use anyway.

Further reading..
About "Brands" for laptops:
About the dead-pixel policy:

Also, Hum X ground loop eliminator, if I understand right, is a piece of circuitry integrated into the plug-point, and not into the notebook. Hence I guess, I'll not buy it right off, and buy it if I find a need for it later..


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