Saturday, March 29, 2008

L4 microkernels

So much for the monolith that the linux kernel has become!
Stallman and team are working on speeding up hurd on top of the mach microkernel..

But then, mach is a first generation microkernel..
And subsequently, the L4 was designed to overcome the insufficiencies of mach.

Looked at this wikipedia page on l4 microkernels: L4 Microkernel Family
It took me to Fiasco (, a GPL variant of L4.
And know what !
- Fiasco's done in C++ !
- There's an ongoing GNU project for Hurd on L4 !

The TUDOS wiki page

Planning to learn more on L4..
Although I must confess, my learning ventures are not progressing the way I want them to,
this one being built on C++ should help I hope..

More links:
The home of the l4 community:

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Sunday 2008-03-30 22:53 UTC+5:30

Somehow I felt I should include this here as a tribute to the genius
Prof. Dr. Jochen Liedtke


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