Monday, March 3, 2008

Ext2Fsd vs NTFS-3g

A tool to mount ntfs devices on linux. I have tried it out.. works fine both for reading and writing.

You might have to compile the thingy from source.. but it's rather simple.. and compiled without any issues on my OpenSuSE 10.3 installation.

But then, I've started thinking.. If I'm planning to keep a pure linux box (Yeah yeah, I caught Penguinitis ! ), then I might as well have my storage devices as ext3 and get an ext3 driver for windows..

Tried wikipedia on Ext3, and bingo! it had a link to the sourceforge project developing a windows driver for using ext3 devices.

Albeit the name it fully supports ext3 devices..

Once you install it, you need to go to it's "Ext2 volume manager".
From that
1. File -> Enable Ext2Mgr autostart
2. Tools -> Service Management : and start the service.

Once these are done.. plug in your ext3 devices and use them like any other storage media on windows.

I converted my 2GB usb pen drive to ext3 and am using that on windows with ext2fsd.. Call it "Proof of Concept" for myself in my tux migration drive.. :D



David said...

Have you run into issue so far with ext2fsd? Have you used it extensively?

Are you using Windows XP or Vista?


Varghese Mathew said...


No, I have not run into any issues with the driver so far.. But then, I was using it somewhat extensively last year around the same time, but these days I use windows rarely..