Thursday, May 24, 2007

Python References

[This post has been translocated from my python blog to this blog, as I'm planning to close down my python blog.. It's not seeing much attention from me anyways :D ]

Hm.. Now where do I learn python from.

Well, I started with the book "A Byte of Python" [pdf]. This book is a concise and succinct tutorial for someone who has a background in some or other programming language. I would recommend it to anyone who wishes to learn python, and you can learn from this book in under two weeks even at a relaxed pace of learning.

Likewise, the book "Dive into Python" also seems to be a good resource. I must admit I haven't dived into the book much to make a more accurate comment.

The python official website can be found at . You can download the version of python for your particular operating system. Python is free !

You will also find Python documentation available for download at the site. [] There's one particular tutorial in this documentation [online copy @]. The tutorial is very exhaustive and will make you pretty much the guru of Python. However, on the flip side, I found the tutorial a little too involved. If you can bolster the patience to pore through it, there's nothing like it.

Have fun charming the python !

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